Our experienced technicians are constantly searching for better techniques, more advanced tooling, and a deeper knowledge of the physics of each instrument. This is the reason beginning students and discriminating professionals alike entrust us with maintenance, repairs, custom modifications, and complete rebuilds of their instruments.


Careful attention must be paid to both tradition and resonance. The use of very specific materials and installation techniques is essential in order to make the whole instrument vibrate together.



shapeimage_5 [My GMS technician] is a craftsman of the first order. He can customize your horn to any stylistic demands or needs. [He] uses the finest quality materials for his overhauls. Your horn will perform far superior to when it left the factory. - Todd Yukumoto

GMS Artist, Rockford Homes, entrusts his instruments to no one... except [my GMS technician] at Global Music Supply.

Custom modifications to flute foot keys for
special ergonomic needs.


[My GMS tecnician] has been my personal instrument tech for eight years. I was recommended to him and introduced by a fellow woodwind performer, Gerry Martini (Sly and the Family Stone/ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member).


I brought my Selmer alto sax to him for an adjustment and pad check. From the minute he took my horn, I knew he had a methodical and perfectionist approach to his work. When he was finished, I had a horn that felt new again. Not only did it play better, but it stayed adjusted for a longer period of time. With Adam, nothing is guess work. He knows how to diagnose and repair the problem the first time. I subsequently brought my soprano, tenor and baritone saxes as well as my clarinets and bass clarinet and was just as pleased.


A few years later I was able to purchase a used Powell flute. He installed Straubinger pads on it and it plays beautifully. As far as I know, he is the only certified Straubinger tech in Hawaii. Not having to send it to the mainland for service saves me time and money. Adam has also worked on my piccolos and alto flute.


It gives me great pleasure in writing this as I know first-hand the skill, patience, and professionalism of this man. He understands the demands of a professional and their instruments. I can without any doubt or reservation recommend Adam Myers and the Global Music staff.



Rockford J. Holmes


Rockford Holmes is a working professional for over thirty years. His focus is woodwind performance as a doubler in classical, contemporary, and jazz. He is in demand and demands a lot from his instruments as a performing and recording artist.